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Exciting News for APSP Members!

Exciting News for APSP Members!
August 7, 2018 Aqualine Insurance

“Hey APSP members!

My name is Curtis Barton – I’m one of the founders of Aqualine Insurance. We want to take a moment and just thank you guys for your business. We’re really appreciative of the response that our team’s got from all of the information we’ve been sending out. We’ve been able to help a lot of your members so far with different insurance needs and different problems in their day-to-day business.

Your APSP group has asked us to go a step further for you guys – and we’re really appreciative of that fact. So what we’ve done is gone out on a limb and created an app that’s specifically designed for APSP members.

What this app will allow you to do – is do a few things that are vital to your business… One, is we’ll be able to inform and educate you in a number of different areas: safety and loss control, HR, OSHA compliance, and overall risk management. The second portion of this app, that is even bigger, is we’re going to allow you to shop for your insurance online, real-time, any moment of the day, any time of the day – at the palm of your hand.

There you go. That’s what’s coming down the pipe and you’ll see this happening in a few weeks we’re going to be going live.

In addition to that – we will be at your convention in October. We really excited to be a part of it and you can look for us there.

From the Aqualine team and from me personally, we really appreciate what you guys are doing. And, please continue to Use Us.”