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Protect Your Business from an Employment Practices Lawsuit

Protect Your Business from an Employment Practices Lawsuit
August 14, 2018 Aqualine Insurance


• Discrimination
• Harassment
• Mismanagement of Employee Benefit Plans…

Employers, believe it or not, you’re at risk from the moment you sit down and interview a prospective employee.

The common response I hear from employers is, “Sam, this will never happen to me”. Well, let me tell you the facts.

– Over the last five years, 60% of US employers have faced an employee lawsuit.

– A staggering 67% of those lawsuits resulted in a judgment for the plaintiff (the employee).

– Average settlement is $40,000 – and this number just goes north if the case is actually tried.

Purchasing an EPLI policy is the first step, but only the first step. More importantly, instituting procedures to lower the risk of EPLI claims is most important. The procedures include:

– A proper job application

– A detailed employee handbook

– Regular employee reviews – in writing

– And a zero tolerance for discrimination and substance abuse

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