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We Get It

We Get It
November 29, 2016 Sam Houghton

“We Get It!”, that the Recession really killed the Swimming Pool Industry.

We Get It!”, that as the Business begins to get a bit healthier, profit margins are being squeezed, by the competition going underground and not paying for General Liab or Workers Comp.

We combat this by working with Insurance Carriers that “Get It”

Our quoting Process is unlike any other that you have been accustom to.   Most Brokers simply flood the market with submissions and hope that one will stick that will be competitive.

We on the other hand have “one on one” conversations with our underwriters and explain your individual situation.

“We Get It!”, that you might have a long standing relationship with your Broker, but it might be time to keep him or her on their toes by getting a quote from Aqualine Insurance .