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Pool pop Coverage

Pool pop Coverage
October 2, 2017 Sam Houghton

Pool pop coverage is something that every pool contractor should be considering. It’s an optional coverage for pool builders so not everyone has it. With all the paperwork and time, it takes do you know if you are covered completely as a pool contractor? It would be a nightmare to have a claim come up and find out that you aren’t covered for an incident.

Pool pop coverage covers you when the pool “pops”. This means that subsidence, earth movements, cause the pool to not be aligned correctly. Typically, amongst general liability carriers it is an exclusion that must be added onto your current policy. The last thing you would want is to have to pay for this expensive fix.

With pool pop coverage, this would no longer be an issue. If a pool you worked on did “pop”, it would be covered with no hassle to you. Don’t get flooded with costs because you aren’t covered, pool pop coverage might be the right thing for you.