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Droughts and new proposed government regulation

Droughts and new proposed government regulation
October 18, 2017 Aqualine Insurance

CPSA recently released a newsletter stressing the importance of being active in voicing your opinion. Proposed ordinances against the pool industry can negatively impact you during times of drought. Luckily, CPSA fights for our rights, nut shouldn’t be the only one on the forefront protecting the industry. Don’t be idle, let your voice be heard!

Recent Issue

Lathrop, a city in southern California, was voting this past week on an ordinance that would eliminate all water for pools and spas in Stage 3 of a drought. Stage 2 requires that a pool cover is in place while not it use. This proposal is a change going from a covered pool to no water for a pool.

Sticking together is our best option to make sure oppressive laws do not affect the pool business. During a time of drought, it is important to be more efficient with water. Covering a pool to conserve water to not allowing any water at all is simply out of line.

California is a large location that has many different businesses that are involved in building, repairing, and maintaining them. With a change to zero pool use, many businesses and people would be negatively impacted. With a loss of wages and workers many people would be without work. Droughts happen in California, but people need to protect their jobs and families. By coming together and working with the government we can resolve issues that can protects us and also respects changes in available water.

Pool builders need to fight and find a middle ground, but we need active participation from people within the industry. City counsel meetings are a great way to be heard, be actively involved and informed when action is required.. Voice your opinion, you can help make the proper changes to protect our trade and those around us.