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Pool builders, be involved with regulation changes

Pool builders, be involved with regulation changes
October 25, 2017 Aqualine Insurance

CPSA was recently informed of an issue from a pool builder in Anaheim. They ran into significant delays getting permits due to the vague wording in MWELO, Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance. Delays in any project cost time and money and CPSA is currently trying to work on fixing the wording so unnecessary delays do not happen.


This builder’s problem was that he didn’t fall under MWELO because of the size of the pool. They were forced to get a full landscape water efficiency plan from a landscape architect when it wasn’t necessary. Poor wording in current regulations, which effected this company so they informed CPSA. There may be even more that have fallen into this and haven’t spoken up.


It’s important that when issues in the pool industry are getting effected, that we attend city council meetings and be an active participant. We at Aqualine are active member of both CPSA and APSP. In doing so, we actively try to stay on top of developing stories and help when appropriate.


We strongly recommend anyone that is in the pool industry to make themselves available when action. CPSA in their recent newsletter, Oct.17, 2017, highly emphasized the importance of staying involved. The best way to do this is keeping up to date with the latest changes and proposals.


Active participation by pool builders and contractors creates a conversation to where security and safety is given to everyone. Sitting on the side line, rights are given up because other people are making decisions for us. Find solutions and present them, by being inside the trade we have different thoughts and solutions that government officials would never think of. Take initiative and be the one that stops change in the wrong direction for the pool industry and be part of the solution.